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Vila has been teaching Orac some new tricks, and he's quite pleased with the result.

 Cheers, [ profile] vilakins !  I hope you have a wonderful day.

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I managed to escape work for a few days to spend some time with friends in one of my favourite places.  The days have been busy, you know, walking, swimming, eating, wine tasting and just catching up with gossip.  Internet access is not great so I haven't had much time to read what's happening with the flist.

Thank you [ profile] entropy_house and [ profile] shimere277 for the puppies!  They are indeed adorable and have been amusing themselves chewing on the unread mail in the inbox of my neglected email.

Back to reality tomorrow, but in the meantime, have a pretty sunset...
The view from the verandah. Hunter Valley, NSW. )
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He's here with Roger Moore in the Gadic Collection,  a 1967 episode of The Saint.

And a couple of screen caps... )
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Frank and Tom and some other familiar characters in Plymouth.
Fluffy m/m

This way for the tour... )
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It's [ profile] shimere277 's birthday, but Thomas has a gift for Francis.....

Nekid butt under the cutt... )
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...hoping you're feeling better today. 
Have some chocolate cake and PD to lift your spirits.


Hot Text -

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Here's wishing you a fun filled day.

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Work is finished for 2009 (thank goodness), only the Office Party to go to tomorrow, then almost 2  weeks of holidays. Bliss! So here are a few thoughts for the flist, wherever you are, and whatever you celebrate, have fun and stay safe.  

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Glitter Text Generator

Oh, and Happy Birthday from me too! :)

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From the Requestathon leftovers, the prompt was: the boys as rival crime lords in prohibition-era Chicago.

I got as far as an illustration for this and then a certain character took over. So, illustration which was for the prompt first, followed by the story which has very little to do with the prompt, I’m afraid...

Title: Always

Rating: m/m mild

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For the DV Requestathon

Prompt: [ profile] entropy_house requested: The ghosts of Magellan's mutineers show up before the trial.

Title: The Ghosts of Voyages Past

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A second chance.

Shall we try again? )
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Sydney has been enveloped by an incredible dust storm.

It's amazing. Eerie.  Disturbing.

I'm just so surprised that people were still out exercising in this; even inside our air-conditioned office the dust is present.

The sad thing is too, that this is precious top soil from west of the Blue Mountains, an area that is still very much in drought.  Another blow for the already struggling farmers.

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Have a wonderful day.  :)

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Enjoy your day!

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Have a wonderfully tempting day.



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A brother's point of view.

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Leonard has an audience with the Queen


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It's a large bath, so jump right in and enjoy your day!

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