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Left over from the [ profile] dv_squee  Last Day/First Line ficathon back in July. (What happened to July by the way? And most of August for that matter....)

 [profile] [ profile] entropy_house wrote the prompt:

"Uhm," Leonard said, uncomfortably, twisting his hands until John Doughtie nudged him from behind, "Captain General, before you pronounce sentence on Master Doughtie, I believe there is some evidence that you had not taken into consideration," as he spread on the makeshift judicial table copies of love-poems Francis had written in Ireland, wherein Doughtie was made to rhyme with mountee.

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DV Ficlet

Jul. 11th, 2010 05:48 pm
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Written for the July 2 Last Day/First Line ficathon for [ profile] dv_squee 

For the prompt from [ profile] entropy_house

The attendants cleared away the last of the chrysalis and brought a mirror; the iridescent blue wings proving that Thm's current metamorphosis was not only female, but royal. 

Elegant, fragile, regal, the newly emerged Thm spread her wings and revelled in the first sensation of warm sun upon her new body.    She tentatively moved her long slender legs and tested her balance, the large iridescent wings, a true mark of her royal pedigree, were a challenge to her otherwise petite body.  She looked about her with large liquid eyes, inexplicably fringed with fine dark, silken hairs, as she next prepared to test her wings.  The attendants, stepping back to give her room, looked on in wonder at this most beautiful future monarch, and smiled and nodded to one another in approval.  This bright winter's day was one which they would always remember. 

Drk was, by chance, there to witness the miracle of the metamorphosis too, and with his first glimpse of Thm he was filled with possessive desire. 

"Mine.  Forever mine," he whispered as he carefully lowered his net over the hapless creature and dropped her in to the killing jar.

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Frank and Tom and some other familiar characters in Plymouth.
Fluffy m/m

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From the Requestathon leftovers, the prompt was: the boys as rival crime lords in prohibition-era Chicago.

I got as far as an illustration for this and then a certain character took over. So, illustration which was for the prompt first, followed by the story which has very little to do with the prompt, I’m afraid...

Title: Always

Rating: m/m mild

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A second chance.

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A brother's point of view.

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Leonard has an audience with the Queen


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A DV Fic, ever so slightly slashy.

The boyz still seem to be dealing with the aftermath of The Reckoning; now Francis is desirous of a few final words …..


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Thomas has a few words regarding the recent nuptials....

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All the usual suspects ...

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Written for the Drake’s Venture - Alternative Ventures Challenge

Prompt: The early chronicles were right - it really was John Doughtie who was executed.

Title: A Footnote In History


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Title:  A Gentleman's Education

Synopsis: Young Thomas and young Leonard have something to celebrate.

Warnings:  This much saccharine is probably detrimental to your health.

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.. sometimes a friend stays back to help tidy up.

With thanks to

[profile] shimere277, captain general of [profile] dv_squee, for organising the day of fquie for Thomas' anniversary. 
'Twas awesome indeed.

Title:  Happy Anniversary
Rating:  Gen
Synopsis:  Leonard was feeling a little awkward about Puppie's anniversary and came late.






Jul. 3rd, 2008 07:34 am
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Title: Crossroads

Rating: Gen

Theme: Crosses – for the dv_squee ficathon on the anniversary of the martyrdom of Thomas Doughtie





Jul. 2nd, 2008 11:04 pm
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Title:     Starcrossed
Rating: Gen
Theme: Crosses - For the  dv_squee ficathon on the anniversay of the martyrdom of Thomas Doughtie.


July 1578 )


Jun. 27th, 2008 08:43 am
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 Written for the leftovers of the requestathon for the first anniversary of dv_squee in March 2008.

Title: Sacrifice
Rating: Gen
Requested by: entropy house
Prompt: A story from the POV of Queen Elizabeth.  What did she REALLY think about Drake's actions?

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Remnants of the last entry in the log of The Marigold.  Lost with all hands on September 30 1578 whilst attempting to cross the Straits of Magellan with Francis Drake. 
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