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Happy Birthday feng_shui_house!

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and it looks bad.  Smaller in scale than the one in September, but there are early reports of people killed and missing. 
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8th February, with an interactive doodle on their homepage.     :)

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For [ profile] alinewrites,  enjoy your day!


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Merry Christmas and happy holidays to a flist who, even when they're naughty, are always very nice.

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Wishing you a day full of sunshine, flowers and butterflies

Glitter Photos                          
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...30 degrees one day, 15 degrees the next.  Wind, rain, floods.....

I'm having a week off work, taking my mum on a train holiday to Melbourne, Adelaide and back to Sydney.  Great, yes?  Well, no. We are not off to a very good start.

The main rail track and the main highway to Melbourne were cut by floods yesterday.    We will now be flying to Melbourne tomorrow morning. The train journey will continue from Melbourne on Tuesday. 

Anyway, I'm still looking forward to having a week away from work.  I've been working extra hours to make sure everything was OK before I left so I haven't had much time to read the flist.   Probably I wont have much access while I'm away either.

I'll catch up when I get back.

Lord Avon

Sep. 17th, 2010 09:58 pm
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PD recorded this introduction for a re-run of Deliverance on UK Gold in 1997

And there are a couple more clips with Paul and some of the other B7 actors on the Classic Gold site.

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Happy Birthday,[ profile] kalinda001 

Enjoy your special day.

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On the first day of our Spring, wishing you a day full of sunshine and roses.

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Left over from the [ profile] dv_squee  Last Day/First Line ficathon back in July. (What happened to July by the way? And most of August for that matter....)

 [profile] [ profile] entropy_house wrote the prompt:

"Uhm," Leonard said, uncomfortably, twisting his hands until John Doughtie nudged him from behind, "Captain General, before you pronounce sentence on Master Doughtie, I believe there is some evidence that you had not taken into consideration," as he spread on the makeshift judicial table copies of love-poems Francis had written in Ireland, wherein Doughtie was made to rhyme with mountee.

Rhyme & Reason )

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Avon's having the day off to relax.....

I hope you can too.

DV Ficlet

Jul. 11th, 2010 05:48 pm
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Written for the July 2 Last Day/First Line ficathon for [ profile] dv_squee 

For the prompt from [ profile] entropy_house

The attendants cleared away the last of the chrysalis and brought a mirror; the iridescent blue wings proving that Thm's current metamorphosis was not only female, but royal. 

Elegant, fragile, regal, the newly emerged Thm spread her wings and revelled in the first sensation of warm sun upon her new body.    She tentatively moved her long slender legs and tested her balance, the large iridescent wings, a true mark of her royal pedigree, were a challenge to her otherwise petite body.  She looked about her with large liquid eyes, inexplicably fringed with fine dark, silken hairs, as she next prepared to test her wings.  The attendants, stepping back to give her room, looked on in wonder at this most beautiful future monarch, and smiled and nodded to one another in approval.  This bright winter's day was one which they would always remember. 

Drk was, by chance, there to witness the miracle of the metamorphosis too, and with his first glimpse of Thm he was filled with possessive desire. 

"Mine.  Forever mine," he whispered as he carefully lowered his net over the hapless creature and dropped her in to the killing jar.

One picture.... )

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.... although I'm not quite sure what day it was that  [ profile] blakefancier 's puppie first came home ...

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For [ profile] blakefancier , hoping you have a wonderful birthday.

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Last weekend we stayed in the city and spent Friday and Saturday being tourists.  The weather wasn't perfect, but while it was a little overcast and showery, it was quite pleasant for all the walking we were doing.  Not like today, where the rain has been bucketing down all day!

2010 is the 200th anniversary of the arrival of Lachlan Macquarie in Sydney. He was the fifth governor to be sent here, and he actually requested the position. He replaced the infamous Governor Bligh (Yes, previously Captain Bligh of The Bounty). Macquarie and his wife Elizabeth stayed for 11 years and the two of them probably contributed more to the fledgling country than anyone else in our short history, most certainly they transformed Sydney from a nondescript penal colony to a thriving colonial town that was attractive to new settlers.  In celebration of this anniversary Sydney is staging Visions of Macquarie, a light show that is projected on the historic buildings which he was mostly responsible for, and which are located on a street named for him.

Some pictures over here... )
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Sharpe is looking very relaxed; I hope you're feeling just the same on your birthday.
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